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The basic principle is that point value = attack x defense x modifiers

The attack = the number of dice.
The defence = the number of figures

The modifiers derive from various advantages and disadvantages. They are summed and then applied to the base value.

Each modifier is rated from 10%(minor) to 30% (major)

My current list of modifiers

Unit Types

Red Banner (Heavy) Infantry 4 figures, 4 dice, move 1, shortsword (-10%). PV = 14

Medium Infantry 4 figures, 3 dice, move 1-2 (+5%), shortsword (-10%). PV = 11

Light Infantry 4 figiures, 2 dice, move 2 (+10%), showtsword(-10%) PV=8

Light Bow Infantry 4 figures, 2 dice, move 2 (+10%), range 4 (+30%), reduced attackwhen moving (-10%), does not hit on shield symbols (-30%). PV = 8

Heavy Cavalry 3 figures, 4 dice, move 2 (+10%), resists shortsword (+10%), pursuit (+30%). PV = 18

Medium Cavalry 3 figures, 3 dice, move 3 (+20%), resists shortsword (+10%), pursuit (+30%). PV = 14

Light Cavalry 3 figures, 2 dice, move 4 (+30%), resists shortsword (+10%), pursuit (+30%). PV = 10

Typical force 166 points. My basic reference force is 2 units of each of 7 normal human types.

To use these in a scenario, pick a map at random. 5 card hands.. The player with the higher total movement allowance has the initiative. The player with the lower total move deploys first, and deploys on the rows 2 and 3 of his side. The player with the initiative deploys second, deploying on the first 3 rows of his side. The player with the initiative moves first.

Victory involves destroying half the opposing units.

Sometimes, the descriptions call for burning a card. This means playing an order card to get the desired result, but without the card having its normal effect. A good way of using up useless cards, but the turn is still expended.

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