Adjective Adjective Adjective Description Modifier
Bold Ignores 1 retreat. Cumulative with support 20.00%
Bold-When-Fresh Bold as long as no losses suffered 10.00%
Bonus-Strike In addition to scoring hits, each Sword on Shield Symbol is re-rolled for additional hits or flags, until the unit is out of range, dead, or no more Sword on Shield Symbols are rolled. No pushbacks from bonus rolls. 20.00%
Combat-Move-Bonus Add 1 to speed when engaging in melee 10.00%
Combat-Move-Penalty Subtract 1 from speed when engaging in melee -10.00%
Command-Support Hits on lore rolls, and friendly adjacent units do as well 40.00%
Earthquake Burn a card, All surrounding units, friend or foe, must lose 1 figure and retreat as if in a Tremor. 20.00%
Easily-Scared Retreat 2 hexes per flag. For each hex retreated roll, on a banner match a figure is lost. -10.00%
Elemental-Movement Roll 8 dice to move, 1 hex per lore hit 10.00%
Evade May retreat before close combat 20.00%
Evade-2 May retreat before combat if attacked by units with move of 2 or less 10.00%
Evade-Foot May retreat before combat if meleed by foot unit 10.00%
Evade-Slow-Foot May retreat before combat if meleed by Blue or Red infantry 10.00%
Even-Combat Attack dice equals opponent's basis attack dice 10.00%
Fears-Camels Retreat 1 extra hex per flag from camel 0.00%
Fears-Elephants Retreat 1 extra hex per flag from elephant 0.00%
Hit-On-Lore Lore rolls count as hits 30.00%
Hit-Resistant May ignore 1 shield hit 20.00%
Hit-Resistant-Plus Ignores all shield hits 20.00%
Horse-Bold Ignores 1 flag from horse-using unit 10.00%
Horse-Scarer Ignores 1 color hit from a horse-using unit, but horse unit may retreat before combat 10.00%
Immovable Never retreats 20.00%
Loss-Penalty Loss 1 attack die if any figures lost -20.00%
Mounted Not hit by shields from Short-Weapon 10.00%
Move-Fire-Penalty Reduce ranged attack by 1 die if moved -10.00%
Move-Penalty Reduce attack by 1 die if moved -10.00%
No-Advance May not take ground after winning in close combat 0.00%
No-Battle-Back No battle back 0.00%
No-Fire-Full-Move No ranged attack if full movement used. -10.00%
No-Move-Fire No ranged attack if moved -20.00%
No-Special Hits on shields, takes ground 0.00%
Poison On a shield hit, 2 figures are lost 30.00%
Pursuit If enemy destroyed or retreated, may move 1 hex and attack again. No additional pursuit gained if victories 30.00%
Pushback For each lore hit, the foe must retreat 2 hexes, support and boldness has no benefit 30.00%
Rampage If forced to retreat, 2 dice attack against all adjacent units 0.00%
Reduced-Battle-Back Reduce battle back dice by 1 -10.00%
Reduced-Hits No shield hits -30.00%
Reroll-Shields Reroll shield hits for possible additional hits 20.00%
Retreat-2 Retreats 2 hexes per flag. 0.00%
Retreat-3 Retreats 3 hexes per flag. 0.00%
Retreat-4 Retreats 4 hexes per flag 0.00%
Short-Weapon No shield hits against Mounted -10.00%
Slow-Loading No shield hits at range 1 -10.00%
Stampede If retreat blocked, no loss, instead the blockers each take 1 loss 0.00%
Tremors For each lore hit, All surrounding units, friend or foe, MUST retreat 1 hex for each Lore rolled. Defender's units retreat first, then Creature side. The order in which units retreat is determined by their controlling player. 20.00%
Unsupportable Never bold from unit support -10.00%
Vital Lose scenario if destroyed -30.00%
Web On a lore hit, the opponent is webbed, A webbed opponent can't move, combat, battleback, retreat or give support. A unit can be unwebbed by burning a card. 30.00%