Battlelore Optional Rules

Simplified Alliance Rules Each player in an alliance controls specific units (or a specific area of the board). A player uses his cards only to control his own units. You may give a card to a partner instead of playing. Your partner loses his next card pick.

The "Counterattack" card is now replaced by "Attack", order a single connected group of units of any size.

The order of play should be setup so each side plays equal number of cards. For example if players A & B are fighting against C, the order could be any combination of ABCC.

Creatures without Lore As some creatures require lore to activate their powers, each player should collect 1 lore per turn. No lore from any other sources, except that lore rolls in combat can be used to affect the result of that combat.

Creatures are ordered exactly like other units. Instead of critical hits, creatures take 6 hits to kill.

More Realistic Combat System All units roll 3D for melee, 2D for ranged combat. The following modifiers apply. Modifiers apply for both ranged fire and melee. Only armor modifiers apply to battlebacks, terrain and positional modifiers do not. Apply modifiers for both attacker's and defender's hex, so attacking from a Wood hex to a Wood hex is -2. Attacks are never reduced below 1D.

Armor (applies even in battlebacks)
+1D Target is Green (Light)
-1D Target is Red (Heavy)

-1D Terrain Modifiers for Attacks
Into woods
Out of woods
Out of ford (or fordable waterway)
Into bridge
Out of bridge
Into rogue's den
Into training camp
Into stronghold
Into marsh
Out of marsh
Ranged attack after movement

+1D Terrain Modifier for Attacks
Foot downhill
Into ford (or fordable waterway)
Ranged fire into bridge
Range fire from a rampart
Melee against a surrounded unit (you have adjacent pieces on 2 directly opposite sides, or 3 hexes at 120º

No Bonus Strike (applies only to melee)
Mounted downhill (horses can't charge down a slope)
Mounted into or out of woods
Mounted into or out of marsh
Out of a ford
Into a rampart
Into a stronghold