World Generators

These are designed as resources for GM's who want to quickly generate worlds. They are designed to only require the core book for the game. They are in Google Docs. Just Ctrl-R to generate new world.

Traveller (Mongoose Games) World Generation

Space Opera Basic Role Playing World Generation

(For Chaosium's Basic RolePlaying System)

In accordance with Space Opera, most inhabited worlds are fairly Earth-like, but often contain strange inhabitants.

Mutants & Masterminds World Generation

This generates worlds with a comic book sensibility. Most worlds are inhabited by humanoids.

High Fantasy Land Generation  (BRP)

Creates fantasy lands/kingdoms etc. for Basic Role Playing

General Template for World Generation

Astronomy: Solar Luminosity, Distance from Sun, Year Length

Planetology: Planet Size, Satellites, Rotation Period, Axial Tilt

Fluids: Atmosphere, Temperature, Fluid Coverage

Biology: Native Life

Technology: Tech Level

Demography: Population Size

Politics: Planetary Unity, Government tupes, important and excluded groups

Sociology: Customs

Economics: Imports & Exports

The details vary with the background. Imports & exports matter in Traveller but aren't going to be a concern a superhero setting.

Rare Earth Hypothesis

My spreadsheets, basically follow the Weak Rare Earth Hypothesis, in that really Earth-like worlds are rare, but marginal worlds are far more common. In Space Opera settings, Earth-like worlds are often assumed, but there are probably many uninhabited, uninteresting worlds.