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Challenge Mod

The Challenge Mod has no actual campaign missions. It is designed to allow you to face a variety of foes that are roughly equal to you in effectiveness. There are 3 skirmish (rumble room) missions.

Challenge A character (or characters) of your choice face 12 randomly chosen sets of foes. Your characters are limited to 12,000 points, while characters with more than 6,000 points are penalized. Try to pass the challenge.

Villain Force You must choose 1 character, but the character is not used. Instead 3 members of Freedom Force are chosen at random for you. Against them, you will face a variety of foes.

Villain Henchmen This is similar to Villain Force, except that you will face 1 leader and a number of identical henchmen.

In all these missions, your characters have their default AI activated. Giving them any order other than Heroic Revival cancels their AI. I find interesting to control 1 character, while letting the others be run by AI (and reviving them when needed).

Sometimes in the "Villain" missions, you will face foes that are not characters. Just destroy them. If you can't destroy them, don't worry about it. The Villain missions can be run on any map, but some maps may result in characters getting stuck or unexpected foes. The "City" map is always safe.

Installation Install this into the directory C:\Program Files\Irrational Games\Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich\Challenge.

This does not require anything installed other than the basic Freedom Force vs Third Reich game. I do not think a player should need to download something else in order to play a mod.

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